Automating procurement with Pluto

This webinar is your gateway to mastering the complexities of modern procurement and embracing technological solutions that streamline operations from the ground up.

About Webinar

In this workshop we'll delve into the traditional procurement processes, their pitfalls, and the solutions offered by modern solutions like Pluto.

What to expect:

  • Understand pain points like inefficiency, manual overload, and more that plague traditional ERP systems
  • See how Pluto is simplifying this process, easily integrating with your existing ERP and making everything smooth, from purchase requests to payment processes
  • Experience Pluto in action! Get a live demo on how you can effortlessly manage purchase requests, integrate with ERPs, customize workflows, and oversee multiple subsidiaries
  • Take home practical insights and ready-to-implement solutions, with answers to most questions

Why this webinar Is a game-changer:

  • We’re discussing not just existing ideas but also innovative strategies to speed up procurement cycles
  • You will get actionable insights on how to exercise control over spending, approvals, and vendor interactions
  • You’ll understand how exactly Pluto is relevant for your business and how it can transform your existing systems into a powerhouse of efficiency and user satisfaction

Listen to industry experts talk about procurement strategies, giving you knowledge and tools to optimize your financial operations. Tune in and transform the way you manage procurement—efficiently, effectively, and with ease!

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