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Budget controlled smart corporate cards  • Petty Cash Management • Procurement & Payables Automation  • 1-click ERP sync.

All in one payables management platform.

Pluto definitely helps the business manage their operational spending in a most efficient manner and provide visibility of how the forecast would look like. Before Pluto, me as a CFO had to wait for a month end report to understand the spending and frequency of the same but now with Pluto have much better visibility on each department and their frequency of spending.

Jarna Gaglaani, CFO


See how your team can save 30%+ in monthly time spent by switching to Pluto.

Always at the end of this month we used to get these huge groups of receipts to process… but now that we have a system that allows us to process in real time ahead of the month end everything becomes more powerful and controlled for the team.

Gabriel Garcia,

Head of Financial Services at Keyper