Pluto for Fleet & Logistic Businesses

Modern Fleet & Logistic Businesses Control Spend with Pluto

Control every aspect of your fleet's spending from workshop purchase orders to card based fuel expenses using Pluto's Fleet Procurement-to-Pay & Corporate Card solution.

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Up to 2% unlimited Cashback* on over 100+ Currency Spends using Pluto Card

Pluto definitely helps the business manage their operational spending in a most efficient manner and provide visibility of how the forecast would look like. Before Pluto, me as a CFO had to wait for a month end report to understand the spending and frequency of the same but now with Pluto have much better visibility on each department and their frequency of spending.

Jarna Gaglaani, CFO, UDrive

Eliminate all the chaos with Pluto

Parts & services PO management • Driver & fuel expenses • Automated approvals

Control Every AED Spent

Set spend controls based on driver, department, or vehicle and get real-time visibility into what is being spent and where.

Replace Petty Cash

Replace the need for petty cash by instantly issuing fleet cards to hundreds or thousands of drivers, ensuring they have immediate access to funds when needed.

Automate all Purchase Requests

Manage & automate all your invoices from one platform to save time and eliminate manual data entry.

Integrate with Pluto in 5 minutes

Integrate your accounting software with Pluto and automate reconciliation with your GL codes & tax codes. Transactions happen using Pluto’s Corporate Cards, Reimbursements & Pluto’s Account Payables module - they then sync with your accounting GL code for easy imports.

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Card & Budget control

Set spend rules

Assign budgeted fuel cards to employees to track how much is being spent.

Set daily, weekly, or monthly transaction limits to prevent overspending.

Create vendor-specific cards that allow transactions to be made at gas stations only.

Security measures

Eliminate fraud and abuse

Set up an alert to notify you of upcoming payments or schedule payments in advance based on your financial schedule. Automate your invoices and get a real-time overview to avoid late payment penalties.

Lock or freeze cards instantly from your Pluto app.

Unlock fuds in real time to avoid overspending or misuse.

Enable your company's policy to ensure in-policy transactions only.

real-time reporting

Gain 100% visibility

Monitor all fleet expenses from a single dashboard.

Get real-time insights into how much is being spent, by fleet, driver or department.

Make informed decisions based on real-time data without the manual effort.

Get cost and spend reporting by plate or fleet number, department & more

Security measures

Use Pluto’s fleet cards anywhere

With Pluto's Fleet Cards, your employees gain the freedom to use their cards at the most budget-friendly and conveniently situated gas stations, repair shops, or truck stops that welcome Visa or Mastercard.

Fuel cards

Authorize your Pluto Fuel cards for use solely at gas stations, ensuring the highest level of control, while also enjoying the flexibility of usage at any location that accepts Visa or Mastercard.

Fleet & field cards

Get your hands on everything your drivers or vehicles require, whether it's maintenance, parts, supplies, equipment, or lunch expenses.

Simple solutions made for your team

WhatsApp receipt collector

Streamline receipt submission for your team by enabling receipt uploads via WhatsApp for any business expenses incurred.

Upload your receipts also via

Request funds

When additional funds are needed by employees, especially while they're on the move, they can easily request fleet card top-ups using Pluto’s dashboard

Fuel your fleets with a product that's built for your needs

Delivery Fleets
Delivery Fleets

How Pluto works

Issue fleet cards

Equip every driver or fleet with our powerful Fleet Cards.

Full control and visibility

Monitor each vehicle, department, or even specific plate numbers through Pluto's dashboard.

Effortless approvals

Define a hierarchy & have expenses follow a structured approval process.

Automated reporting

Access insights in real-time. Whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly reports, our platform generates the data you need at the frequency you desire.

Helping MENA Fleets Manage their Finances

Works with your existing bank account. Accepted in 200+ countries.