Account Cancellation and Renewal Policy

Version 1 – September, 2022
Account cancellation policy

Once a client / user submits a request for cancellation, no additional charges will be made. However, no refunds are provided upon cancellation. If you cancel before an upcoming renewal date, you will have access to your account through the end of the then-current year.

Cancellation of automatic renewal

Annual subscriptions purchased will renew automatically at the end of the term. Your card / bank is charged / debited at the end of each subscription period and a renewal confirmation notice is sent to the account administrator user’s email address. Notifications of upcoming renewal is sent to the email address 7 days before renewal. If the you wish to turn off the automated renewal, you can do so any time by sending an email to our support.

Failed renewal & account suspension

If your credit card on file is closed or expired, or if for any reason, a charge is rejected, or in case of a closed bank account or failed auto debit, you will be requested to update your information and supply a new payment to keep your access active. If a charge is rejected, your access to the application will be suspended until you update your account information and the payment is successful.

Free trial

Even if the provider offers a free trial version for the application, we may request a card and / or bank account information when signing up to the free trial. The free trial, however, does not allow you to access all features of the application. Free trial is solely at the discretion of the provider and  the trial period may be suspended without any intimation at any time.

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